Calculator for estimating the accumulated amount of the Provident Fund
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Basic Information
Your current age   years old
Your expected retirement age
(In general, the retirement age of Workers in the Public Services is 65)
  years old
Your life expectancy
(Average life expectancy of the local population between 2017 and 2020: 81.1 of age for men and 86.9 of age for women)
  years old
Your expected monthly expense during retirement (Present value)
(Including the four basic necessities of life and medical expenses, etc.)

Information about Provident Fund Contributions
The current total market value of "Investments Summary" of your Provident Fund Accounts
(Please refer to "My Online Account" > My Statements > "Investment status")
The total number of points from your current basic salary index and from the contribution time premiums
(Each contribution time premium is of 10 points and each salary index is equal to MOP91)
Your expected average annual salary increase
(The average annual increase of a salary index and the average increase in rank/grade should be estimated as a whole)
Your personal contributions rate   %
Your Macao SAR contributions rate   %

Expected Investment Return
Your expected annual investment return from the Provident Fund
(The overall annualized return was approximately 6.52% from the initial investment date (26/02/2007) of the Provident Fund Scheme till the end of 2020)
Expected annual inflation rate
(The local average annual inflation rate during the years 2000 to 2020 was approximately 2.77%.)


“Provident Fund Scheme for Workers in the Public Services – featured seminar on retirement investment education” was successfully held.
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