Service Provided Enrollment Voluntary enrollment

Voluntary enrollment

  Workers recruited under the terms of employment of Commission of service("Comissão de serviço"), "Contrato administrativo de provimento" or "Contrato individual de trabalho" may choose whether to enroll in the Provident Fund Scheme, but not applicable to those workers mentioned in Paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the Law no. 8/2006.  
  Application period  
  Written application should be submitted within 30 days from the date of initiation of employment or the date of renewal of Commission of service or of contract.  
  Application procedure and documents required  
  The applicant should submit the written application to the respective public service department responsible for his/her payroll, within the application period prescribed:  
1) Form (Model no.RP-1A) provided by the Pension Fund; or
2) Form (Model no.RP-1B) provided by the Pension Fund, but only applicable to workers and assistant workers on ad hoc position non-establishment contract or their equivalents who were performing their functions on the effective day of 01/01/2007.

The form can be obtained from the respective department, or downloaded from the Forms Download.

  Time needed  
  The process of enrollment will be completed within 5 working days counted from the following day after submission of all necessary documents. (Performance Pledge)  
1) The date of the applicant’s initiation of employment, or the date of renewal of Commission of service or of contract, shall be regarded as the date of enrollment in the Provident Fund Scheme and the starting date of contributing to the scheme.
2) If workers mentioned in item no. 2) of the preceding article are entitled to pecuniary compensation, the Pension Fund will determine the amount of pecuniary compensation to which the worker is entitled after the approval of application for joining the Provident Fund Scheme. When cancellation of enrollment in this scheme occurs for any of the reasons mentioned in the Decree Law no. 25/96/M of May 27, amended by the Law no. 5/2007, i.e. death, reaching the age of 65, being declared incapable for work or contract not being renewed by the public service department, the member is entitled to the balance recorded in the "Special Account". In case of death of the member, the amount of pecuniary compensation will form part of his estate.
  Relevant laws & regulations  
1) Paragraphs 2 & 3 of Article 4, and Article 39 of the Law no. 8/2006 《The Provident Fund Scheme for Workers in the Public Services》;
2) Decree Law no. 25/96/M of May 27, amended by the Law no. 5/2007;
3) Law no. 12/2015 -《Regime do Contrato de Trabalho nos Serviços Públicos》.
  Department in charge  
  Division of Contributors Support for the Provident Fund Scheme  
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